Prince Adeyemi Adebayo @ 50: How Adeyemi's Birthday Bash Incurs Old Students Reunion (Pictures) - Global Report


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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Prince Adeyemi Adebayo @ 50: How Adeyemi's Birthday Bash Incurs Old Students Reunion (Pictures)

          Prince Adeyemi Adebayo

 At the celebration of his golden year jubilee on Sunday 12th May 2024, Prince Adeyemi Adebayo,a proud prince from Ondo,in Ondo State of Nigeria joins the classes of the Fifties, crowds draws attentions to the reputable Laoccassionz event centre located at Social Club road Abule Egba in Lagos State.

Families, friends and business associates from far and near troops down to witness and celebrate with the lively Crown Prince of the Sunshine State.


Some of the Alumni members at the event

Prominent among notable guests which varies the royal status of the creme de la creme of the society were the Ondo Boys High School 1986-92 Alumni sets whose joyful ectasies filled the atmosphere with their presence in multitudes with their family members.

Its of great importance the old student reunion the occasion warrants over 32 years of friendship separation after secondary school departures were again reignited. Friends discussions throwing banters reminiscing their Old time images of experiences from one of the oldest Secondary school in Nigerian, the Ondo Boys High School (OBHS).

    Bar. Olusanya Falana,SP with others lauding the celebrants activities towards humanity at the event.

The moments not to be forgotten in a jiffy was when the Alumni members, Lagos chapter which was a cut out of the main groups dazed the platform with their school Anthem of 'There is Beauty All Around when there is love at home' the old time rhythms and vibrations of their school days reverberated the entire celebration hall while the gathering though not atuned with the Anthem stood agazed and joined the elated members to renders the content-worthy reminiscences of their youthful ages.

Some Alumni members posing for pictures

 Barrister Olusanya Falana,the set's Senior prefect fondly called SP suffice to represent the white-adorned alumni members who lauds the crown Prince's philantrophical activities towards the Alumni concerns and humanity at large.

In his word, Bar. Falana expressed the group's heartfelt gladness to witness the golden year birthday bash of the celebrator, described him as one of the pillars on whose stand the old student association relied on, salutes the massive turnouts of Lagos chapters of the Ondo Boys High School (OBHS) who graced the crowd of well wishers and the likes.



Bar. Adewale Adegoke (middle) Chairman,NBA Chairman Ota Branch posing with some members

 Barrister Adewale Adegoke,the incumbent President of the Association who also doubles as NBA Chairman Ota Branch Ogun State ,also commends the celebrant for his selfless services and spirit of solidarity for all members,an attitude which charasterised major reasons members trooped out enmass to honour him with their prayers and supports as a worthy to be celebrated friend and brother.


 Gbenga, the Marketing Guru posing with a member at the occasion

The event committee coordinator of the Lagos chapter,Gbenga Fadugba's elation knows no bound at the event as he rhymes to sounds of celebrations in welcoming everyone to the auspicious occasion of the man usually referred to as 'Ade-gogoro' in their secondary school days.

While the music blasts,Soledayo Ogunmoyero,one of the old students association member took time to display his musical talented hypeman-job to provoke dance steps of the members to the joyful moment with members from different fields of Life honouring Prince Adeyemi Adebayo's golden years of celebrations.

Meanwhile,The Ondo Boys High School OBHS alumni members who are known for taking pride in their academic gains and connections to one of the IONIAN groups of schools education pioneers in Nigeria assures all members present and in Diasporas continuous solidarity to promotes worthy ventures as contributions towards making the world a better place and humanity at large.

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