Back From Hiatus, Akin Omo Akin Drops New Hit Song, ‘Puzzle’, Features Gbenga Adeyinka 1st - Global Report


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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Back From Hiatus, Akin Omo Akin Drops New Hit Song, ‘Puzzle’, Features Gbenga Adeyinka 1st


Akin Omo Akin
Akin Omo Akin


Unassuming multi-talented musician Akinbote Akinyemi popularly known as ‘Akin Omo Akin in the entertainment world is back, bigger and better in the music industry with the release of his new song entitled Puzzle.

Plans have been concluded with the creative musician and his satire team towards the unveiling of the musical video from the puzzle audio that will make the entertainment industry go wow!

The gifted musician that performs inspirational and motivationa, Afro Highlife with a stylish blend of African percussions sojourned into the music path through divine inspiration at a tender age as a chorister in his church.

Akin omo Akin is no doubt, a talented musician because he never trained under anybody but he has people he looks up to, to perfect his creativity in his kind of music that has made him stand out amongst his contemporaries in the entertainment circle in Nigeria and beyond.

The talk of the town musician is doing great because of the divine inspiration and directives from the Almighty God, devulged by one of his numerous fans.

The well positioned music star wishes to become an international brand in the next five years and he is set to take the music scene to the next level in this part of the world.

The single star from Ondo West, Ondo State is apparently an ekimogun man who enjoys playing video games and tourism adventure as his hobbies outside music.

Findings revealed that he has become the choice of good music lovers at home and abroad because of his versatility and unique talent and he is always thriving to be better in his chosen field of arts.

Akinbote Akinyemi is a reputable music band leader with over twenty creative band members that do what they know how to do best when it comes to music creation and production.

According to Akin omo Akin he enjoys the sound of bass guitar and lap stick guilted because he believes they are coolants in the production of good I’m music.

He squealed that ‘Music deals with the mind and soul of beings and it’s a universal language that makes the world a better place and no doubt music is life’.

Since I got involved in music, it gives me joy because it gives me the opportunity of doing what i like to do and make ends meet from it.
That’s a plus for me, disclosed Akin omo Akin.
He feels fulfilled anytime he sees his fans and other musicians appreciating his songs and that makes it a fulfillment of destiny for him as a musician.

Akinboye Akinyemi is an extrovert, smart and intelligent personality who is also God fearing in his dealings in and outside the music world.

For those in the know, we gathered that his loyalty is always 100% to any course he believes in, but immediately he is off, he doesn’t look back. And he loves peace and believes the greatest religion is humanity.

Due to his long term break in music, he only has 5 albums in his archives but he’s fully back to dish out great contents to show that he is the new king of Afro Highlife to beat and copy.
The sensational musician attended Graceland Nursery/Primary School Ondo State and from there, he moved to St. Ambroses Grammar School and Trinity International College for his secondary certificate and he later proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo, Ile ife for his BSc.

My fans should expect good music and artistry from me and they should look forward to my forthcoming musical video with great content, shot and directed in Lagos. Myself and my crew really put a lot of efforts to make the video a great one as a compliment to the fantastic audio of my new song-Puzzle, stated Akin omo Akin.
Thanks to Gbenga Adeyinka D’1st, the ace versatile comedian that took time to feature in the new video, and special thanks to Mr. Wale Adeoba and Mr. Julius Olagoroye and every member of my management team that worked effortlessly to make things work out as planned.

The Puzzle audio and musical video will be launched on different musical platforms and social media for all good music lovers around the world to watch, download and enjoy as a new gift from Akin omo Akin.

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